Smoky Mountain Wedding & Reception Sites:  Seven inspiring, natural settings for a splendid, romantic, Smoky Mountain wedding:  The Rock Garden,  the Pristine Valley,  the Small Pond, the Large Pond, Hilltop, The Big Barn, and Manor House Porch.   All sites look out over the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains. Personally select your own wedding and/or reception site to best fit your needs and desires.

A Natural Rock Garden with stunning Smoky Mountain views

This natural rock garden gives special meaning to a “garden” wedding.

The views overlook the Country Manor property and out to the mountains beyond.

This is the highest elevation of the property, and will accommodate a wedding of up to 125 guests.  It would accommodate a tented reception as well.

The Large Pond with a Weeping Willow Tree looks to the mountains beyond.

While there are no guarantees that a deer will join your wedding guests, the pond with the Weeping  Willow tree provides a perfect setting for wedding, and/or reception site for 200 guests. Or you can have the wedding at the pond and the reception just upon the hill site above the pond, or visa versa. And while the deer may not join you, there is a good chance that migrating Canadian Geese could join you in the Fall or Spring, or perhaps a big Blue Heron may decide to dine from the fish-stocked pond.

Country Manor Acres'  "Pristine Valley" gives grace and charm of eras past.
This pristine valley in Smoky Mountain heaven provides grace and charm of eras past. There is plenty of space for a wedding for 100 guests. There is sufficient parking, and there is sufficient space for a tented reception. The old barn becomes a perfect backdrop for photo opportunities with the yellow wagon filled with flowers and plants. The valley looks to the mountains of Laurel Valley. The site is sunny in the winter and receives late afternoon shade in the summer.


A hill top setting overlooking the pond to the left and the mountains to the right provides breathtaking views

This bucolic hill top setting is perfect for wedding or reception or both. One of our largest sites, It could accommodate 150 to 200 guests for a tented reception. It looks down to the pond on the left, and to the mountains on the right. This site could also be used for the reception in conjunction with the pond for the wedding (or visa versa).


See Covered or Indoor Wedding Sites

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